Belt driven actuators are used for applications that require high speeds at average force and precision. Our product range of belt driven actuators includes the SPEEDLine and the POWERLine Belt, both below.


The SPEEDLine toothed belt drive is used for applications that require high speeds at average force and precision.


Technical features:


  • Maximum speed 10 m/s (33 ft/s).
  • Maximum acceleration 40 m/s2 (131 ft/s2).
  • Minimum repeatability ± 0.05 mm (0.002 in) even at high feed forces.
  • Maximum feed force 5 kN (1124 lbf).
  • ATL toothed belt with steel reinforcement especially suitable for linear drive units, higher performance.
  • The toothed belt can be re-tensioned and exchanged comfortably without dismounting the load (only WH50/80/120), thus reducing your service costs.
  • FEA analysis helps model and optimize the profile and the whole linear axis. The result: highest performance and reliability.
  • Precise positioning is made possible by a polished linear guide with a high degree of guide accuracy. A smaller motor can be added thanks to the low coefficient of friction. Rubber wipers protect the mechanism from dirt, thus increasing service life.
  • Central lubrication - The linear guide system is conveniently re-lubricated from a central point. Whether by hand or automatically, maintenance is now a simple matter.
  • Completely new arrangement of the roller guideway - The H-Type arrangement of guidance allows high forces and moments and thereby the choice of a smaller size. Your benefit: lighter and more economical constructions.

WIESEL™ SPEEDLine® WH50, WH80, WH120


With the WIESEL™ SPEEDLine® single-axle solutions can be realized as well as two and three-dimensional handling systems.


WHZ50, WHZ80


The WIESEL™ SPEEDLine® Z-axis is especially suitable for vertical movements. The reduced mass to be moved together with the short design allow higher dynamics and loads.

POWERLine Belt

The WIESEL™ POWERLine® ZRT combines the high dynamics of the toothed belt drive with the powerful, fully integrated ball bearing guide of the POWERLine® system. The patented cover strip protects the guide system safely against dirt. The version 370 offers an attractive price reduction with its shorter guide system and the reduced length of the power bridge. So the POWERLine® ZRT brings higher dynamics to the tasks of engineering and handling.


  • Patented cover strip - The patented, self-adjusting cover strip is a reliable protection from dirt.
  • Integrated guide system - The integrated ball-bearing guide absorbs heavy forces and moments.
  • Toothed belt - The integrated toothed belt allows high dynamics and precision.
  • Transmission of the feed force and handling of loads and load moments.


WIESEL™ POWERLine® WM60/80/120


The WIESEL™ POWERLine® is an extremely powerful linear drive unit with ball screw drive and integrated ball bearing guide. It allows high feed forces and load moments in all directions.

  • Fully integrated linear drive unit with ATL toothed belt and linear ball   bearing guide and sealing strip.
  • Transmission of the feed force and handling of loads and load moments.
  • Size WM60/80-370 with short guide system. WM80 with long guide   system for greater moment loads.
  •  Well proven and patented guide system - The high-performance linear ball-bearing guide with hardened steel running tracks has been integrated into the aluminum profile. Optimum introduction of forces permits maximum force and torque, as well as optimizing the tensile stresses.  The ball bearings of the linear guides are protected by a ball cage. They can be replaced quickly and safely.
  • Self-adjusting third generation cover strip - The patented sealing strip reliably protects the mechanical parts against excessive dirt and is re-tensioned automatically. Result: the maintenance effort is reduced to virtually zero.
  • FEA optimized design - Both the profile and the entire linear drive unit have been modeled and optimized by finite element analysis (FEA). Result: maximum performance density and reliability.




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