Our products are used in a variety of commercial applications. Please see the lists below. If you would like more details on any applications, or would like to sign up to our fortnightly applications newsletter, please contact us by phone on 540-857-9871 or at

Screw-Driven Rodless Actuator Applications

  • X-Y-Z Gantry systems for packaging, routers, cutters, and drilling machines
  • Roll cutting machines for the paper and tape industries
  • Cut-to-length applications for window and door industry
  • TDL tape applicator for window industry
  • Gripper for parts lifting construction equipment
  • Gage movement for core inspection tanks for nuclear industry
  • Stacker for packaging industry
  • X-Y table for riveting
  • Precision edge cutting applications
  • Product centering applications
  • Flying cut off saw for vinyl extrusion industry
  • Core pusher in battery industry
  • Tubing dual end preparation for air craft industry
  • Roll shear for truck trailer industry

Belt-Driven Rodless Actuator Applications

  • Test fixtures for automotive industry
  • Rod insertion for compressor
  • TDL tape applicator for window industry
  • Cut-to-length applications for window and door industry
  • X-Y-Z Gantry systems for packaging, routers, cutters, and drilling machines
  • Tubing cutter
  • Plastic product separator for bubble packaging
  • Water jet applications
  • Push/Pull applications with external rails
  • Conveyor positioning for distribution
  • Drilling operations for door industry
  • Window welding machine
  • Automatic spray material application machine

Screw Jack Applications

  • Work station lifting for ergonomics
  • Lifting table for truck repair industry
  • Tilt tables and bin tilters
  • Ladle positioning for pouring for foundry
  • Mold position for continuous pour in foundry
  • Beam bending for architectural structures
  • Conveyor movement for tire industry
  • Edge positioning for packaging
  • Bearing press
  • Gate movement
  • Gage control on glass line
  • Positioning counter balance for fixture heads in IC industry

Ram-Style Actuator Applications

  • Robot arm movement
  • Hydraulic cylinder replacement in grinding operation (increase in productivity and accuracy of grinding)
  • Gage stop positioning in cutting operations
  • Replace air cylinder for multi-stop drilling in door industry
  • Elevator positioning for electronic industry
  • Frame positioning for welder for truck trailer industry
  • Platform lift
  • Cheese block pressPress feeder
  • Z axis in pick-n-place
  • Mold sprayer in forge industry



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