Based in a 50,000 square-foot-facility in Roanoke, Virginia, Precision Technology prides itself on being an innovative, responsive, solution-based designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial linear motion actuators suitable for an extensive range of automation, machinery, material handling and positioning applications. At the core of our product range is the renowned and patent protected WIESELâ„¢ linear actuators which are making a difference in automation environments across the continent with faster speeds at longer strokes.
PT USA Victory A Series Actuators
Victory A Series Actuators
....but the products go much further..... There is the Victory high performance ram style actuator, ideal for replacing hydraulics with a clean, low maintenance and cost effective electro-mechanical solution. For heavier requirements, we excel with planetary roller screws – the technology for endurance and high forces. With a full range of ball screws, both rolled and ground, and trapezoidal screws, we have every possibility of meeting your application requirements. To supplement the excellent product line, Precision Technology has invested in the right people with the right expertise with the aim to assist you in selecting the very best solution for your needs in each and every application. Our application and sales staff are determined to help you select a solution to your linear motion requirements which is as simple and cost effective as possible, so please call today and put us to the test.




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