Precision Technology USA is proud to be a part of our nations defense program.  It is with great honor that we are a part of the bigger picture of the defense of our country and our soldiers.


Precision Technology made a conscious effort a few years ago to be a part of this growing sector.  We saw the opportunity for our cutting edge technology to be placed on many defense applications including tanks and aircraft carriers.


Because of the close tolerances and extreme quality built into our products, our actuators are an integral part of material placement in these programs. Electro-Linear actuation has paved the way for the future and will reduce wear and replacement costs in the out years.


Our units are safer for the environment and the user as there is no danger of hydraulic leaks and seepage as compared to the old hydraulic systems.


We have become a major player in this marketplace and look forward with great anticipation to our future in defense projects.


Precision Technology prides themselves on being program innovators.


Please call our Sales or Engineering departments if you have any applications you would like us to consider.  Call us on 540-857-9871 or email us at and we will be glad to work through some scenarios in order to see how Precision Technology can meet your needs.


Precision Technology will think “outside of the box” for your problem resolve, with you the customer right along beside us.



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