Q: Why electro-mechanical?



Evolution of Technology

All industries are taking a critical look at the way they use motion control systems in their equipment. Where hydraulics once dominated, equipment is now increasingly utilizing electro-mechanical actuators for a large number of tasks for which they previously would not have been considered.


Electro-mechanical actuators provide more precise and reliable motion, and integrate easily with modern PLCs and computers. From a complete system perspective, they are smaller, lighter, and cleaner than their hydraulic counterparts. Electro-mechanical actuators:

  • Increase efficiency, therefore reducing costly energy consumption. For battery-driven electric vehicles, this means increased battery life.
  • Eliminate hydraulic hoses, valves and pumps.
  • Have support systems that take up less space, by replacing fluid reservoirs and valve banks with compact electronic drives.
  • Eliminate the hassle and cost of dealing with spent hydraulic oil.
  • Remove the functional reliability risk associated with hydraulic fluid contamination.
  • Eliminate the safety and environmental issues of oil leaks.

Installation Savings for the OEM

  • Electro-mechanical components cost less than comparable hydraulic component from a full-system perspective.
  • An electro-mechanical actuator is easier and quicker to install than multiple hydraulic components.
  • System tuning of electro-mechanical systems is quicker and more predictable than configuring hydraulic systems.

Maintenance Savings for the End-User

  • Fewer overall components to maintain.
  • No hydraulic fluid replacement.
  • No leaks to repair.
  • Only scheduled bearing lubrication, and periodic inspection of motor/drive cables, as opposed to more complex regular maintenance of hydraulics.

Simplified Installation, mount, connect cables, operate


Reduced System Footprint, space and weight reductions


Performance and Programmability, precise, predictable and repeatable motion


Efficiency, lower energy consumption


Quieter Operation, no pumps and valves


Safety and Environmental Friendliness, no oil leaks (slip, fire, dermatitis risks); no pressurized hoses


Configurability, not limited to ram configuration; includes manual overrides


Reliability, long intervals between maintenance; no fluid contamination


Low Impact Maintenance, easy to isolate and repair individual actuators



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