Precision Technology WIESELâ„¢ linear drive units guarantee the optimum solution of technology and economy for every drive task due to their high loads and moments.


Precision Technology WIESELâ„¢ mechanical linear drive units have played a leading part in plant engineering for many years thanks to their innovative design details.


With its comprehensive product range, Precision Technology has the right linear drive unit in the right size for every application.


All our linear drive units have a Precision Technology high-precision ball screw or toothed belt drive. The different types and sizes can be combined with customer supplied servo motors and servo amplifiers to implement single and multiple axis systems.


The high performance and modular design make it possible to replace a large number of individual components, thus permitting modular systems with lower costs and shorter lead times.


All of our products can be modified for application in your system. In-house research, development, design and production are backed by our Total Quality Management guarantee to ensure that our products and accessories meet the highest possible standards.

Characteristics of Precision Technology, Inc. linear drive units:


  • Stroke lengths up to 11m (36ft).
  • Highly integrated technology allows the use of solutions with numerous individual components.
  • The aluminum profile with its high torsional and bending strength enables stiff systems.
  • Extensive and optimized accessories.
  • The patented, self-adjusting cover strip protects the drive.
  • The patented screw supports on the ball screw drives allow high speeds with high stroke lengths.


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