Precision Technology screw jacks are rated for some of the harshest conditions, including nuclear applications, and offer load capacities from 1,100 lbs (5 kN) to 110 tons (1,000 kN).


The innovative modular cubic screw jack designs offer more flexible mounting options than single face screw jacks.


The extensive range of screw jacks is supported by a comprehensive range of complementary accessories and drive components, allowing a “one stop source” for full systems requirements.


Where the standard product range does not meet customers’ particular requirements, we are happy to design and manufacture fully customized units. Our highly qualified and specialized factory engineers are only a telephone call away and provide excellent technical customer support.


Cubic screw jacks are designed for both tensile and compressive loads and will operate in any orientation or mounting position. The positive characteristics of Precision Technology screw jacks are as follows:

  • Wide range of load capabilities.
  • High and low speeds available, according to the screw type and gearing.
  • Standard mounting arrangements and end fittings.
  • Ease of synchronization of several screw jacks.
  • Reliable self-locking action when in a stationary position (please check gear ratio and screw pitch).
  • Special features include anti- rotation option, anti-backlash option, safety nut.

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